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Turn information into action: come set-up your project on the AppHub  marketplace today!  Follow a demonstration on the AppHub booth or submit your open source code to the AppHub marketplace for a chance to win a smart and useful gift.  Check how you can reach a global market, promoting your software on multiple [...]


BIG IoT – Bridging the Interoperability Gap of Internet of Things is a new project funded by the Horizon 2020 program in ICT-30 call. The objective of the BIG IoT project is to ignite vibrant IoT ecosystems. Despite various research and innovation projects working on the Internet of Things, no broadly accepted professional [...]

bIoTope Project

The bIoTope Project lays the foundation for establishing new open ecosystems that enable companies to innovate in both the creation of software components, and in constructing entire IoT systems for Connected Smart Objects – with minimal investment. Large-scale pilots deployed in major smart cities with open calls for participation will provide social, technical [...]

CEF Digital

A new generation of high-speed secure cross-border digital public services is a key component in the advance towards a Digital Single Market and essential for social and economic growth, competitiveness, social inclusion and the internal market. The Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) provides a community of reusable building blocks (highly reusable tools and services), [...]


CoherentPaaS simplifies the use of polyglot persistence environments. Come and see our demos and beatiful poster and promotional video. website:

DPSP Cluster

Security and Privacy in Cloud DO MATTER!! Do you know what security mechanisms do exist to protect your data in the Cloud? Do you know how to keep control of sensitive data outsourced to the cloud? Do you understand the legal implications of not designing your cloud service with security in mind? Do [...]


iMinds has been active in the wireless communications research area as well as in wireless experimentation and Future Internet (FIRE). In our booth, demos regarding the above research activities will be presented that are the result of EU projects like WiSHFUL, CREW and eWINE. More specifically the demos presented are focused to real [...]


FIESTA-IoT and IoT-lab both are Future Internet Research and Experimentation (FIRE) flagship projects looking at the provisioning of tools, techniques, processes, best practices and facilities for the Experimentation community not only in Europe but world-wide. At 2016 Netfutures FIESTA-IoT-Lab booth, we will exhibit the progress towards enabling experimentation and testbeds, experts on Experimentation-as-a-Service [...]


FIWARE is an open initiative targeted to create a sustainable ecosystem where European companies (and companies in other regions who wish to join Europe in this endeavour) capture the opportunities that will emerge with the new wave of digitalisation brought by combining the Internet of Things with information and Big Data services on [...]


FLEX (FIRE LTE testbeds for Experimentation) project is currently active in the 7th Framework programme of the EC. FLEX project enhances FIRE's resource pool with remotely accessible and highly configurable LTE and beyond resources (4G/5G), that boost the experimentally driven research in the telecommunications field. FLEX project integrates these new resources to the [...]