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The recent financial crisis has generated interest among citizens in better following and understanding economy evolution, the financial trends and threats and how to promote more responsible and prudent individual saving and borrowing behavior. The ability of citizens to make informed financial decisions is critical to developing sound personal finance, which can contribute [...]


In this demo, the visitor will be able to observe a visualized intercontinental network consisting of a wired part in South Korea and a wireless part in Europe. The visitor will be able to put the video content in a specific place in this network, as well as to choose the [...]

Software Engineering for Services and Applications

IT is advancing at a very high speed and is now able to offer very advanced technologies to support complex applications ranging from data science, data intensive applications, industrial automation, ... The mission of software engineering is to offer the right tools and methods to guide users in all activities connected [...]

Startup Europe

Welcome to Startup Europe! We are the one stop shop for the European startup community. If you are a startup or an entrepreneurial individual, check our different activities and events happening across Europe. If you want to become the next Facebook or Spotify, check Startup Europe Projects, delivering high quality programmes for you [...]


The future of mankind is dependent on careful monitoring, control and exploitation of the marine environments. The combination of an underwater Internet of Things (IoT), implemented through Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks, and the integration of the resulting underwater IoT system into the Future Internet can provide the missing effective, pervasive means to sense, [...]


The project aims to use functional inks and printable electronics to create programmable TagItSmart codes which can be used to create context sensors for mass-market products. The codes will be accompanied by supporting tools and APIs to enable their inclusion in various third party applications and ecosystems. At the Net Futures event, in [...]