BIG IoT – Bridging the Interoperability Gap of Internet of Things is a new project funded by the Horizon 2020 program in ICT-30 call.

The objective of the BIG IoT project is to ignite vibrant IoT ecosystems. Despite various research and innovation projects working on the Internet of Things, no broadly accepted professional IoT ecosystems exist. The reasons for that are high market entry barriers for developers and service providers due to a fragmentation of existing IoT platforms.

The goal of this project is to overcome these hurdles by bridging the current interoperability gap between the vertically-oriented IoT platforms and by creating marketplaces for service and application providers as well as platform operators. We will address the interoperability gap by defining a generic, unified Web API for smart object platforms: the BIG IoT API.

The project will conduct an Open Call to engage third parties in the implementation of the services, applications, and platforms conforming to the BIG IoT approach.

At NetFutures BIG IoT will present its vision and planned pilots, as well as dissemination and exploitation activities to leverage the developer community.