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The Forging Online Education through FIRE (FORGE) project has transformed Future Internet Research and Experimentation (FIRE) testbed facilities into learning resources for higher education. FORGE is leveraging FIRE testbeds and is enhancing learning approaches by producing educational material reinforced with hands-on experimentation that are supported by multimedia resources for engineering educators and learners. [...]


The GÉANT network continues to set the standard for speed, service availability, security and reach, delivering the high performance that more than 50 million users rely on. GÉANT interconnects Europe's national research and education networking (NREN) organisations with an award-winning high bandwidth, high speed and highly resilient pan-European backbone – connecting [...]

Inter-cloud Challenges, Expectations and Issues Cluster

Inter-cloud Challenges, Expectations and Issues Cluster it is a meeting point for projects addressing the topic of multi-cloud and inter-cloud so to share experiences, collaborate on approaches and discuss challenges for adoption and future research. The simultaneous or serial use of services from diverse heterogeneous clouds is a challenge in order [...]


MAZI means “together” in Greek and provides technology and knowledge in order to empower those who are in physical proximity, to shape their hybrid urban space, together, according to the specificities of the respective local environment generate location-based collective awareness as a basis for fostering social cohesion, conviviality, participation in decision-making processes, self-organization, [...]


The METIS-II project has special focus on the part of future communication networks called the “radio access network”. The project provides the technical enablers (i.e. the solutions to build the radio network "5G") needed for an efficient integration and use of the various 5G technologies and components. The objective of this demo is [...]


There is a strong need for objective data about reliability and performance of Mobile Broadband (MBB) networks, and for tools to rigorously and scientifically assess their performance. Funded through the Horizon2020 LEIT program; Measuring Mobile Broadband Networks in Europe (MONROE) project designs and builds an open, European-scale, and flexible platform with [...]


The booth of the NATRES cluster is providing an inside on the latest achievements in the topic of Cloud services and resource management. Twenty research and innovation actions partially funded by the European Commission in the FP7/H2020-ICT programme and dealing with these topics in their efforts to solve complex problems like big data [...]


netCommons: Network infrastructure as commons What is netCommons? netCommons is a new EU Horizon2020 project under the CAPS call. It proposes a transdisciplinary methodology on promoting and supporting the creation of network infrastructure as commons. It includes a balanced mixed of experts in engineering, economics, law, political science, interdisciplinary research, and [...]

Open & Agile Smart Cities

To create a digital single market for IoT-enabled urban services, it will take a suite of high-impact initiatives and solutions. The city-driven Open & Agile Smart Cities initiative (OASC) unites 89 cities from 19 countries with a commitment to implement interoperability and share data to form the basis for such a market. The [...]


The recent financial crisis has generated interest among citizens in better following and understanding economy evolution, the financial trends and threats and how to promote more responsible and prudent individual saving and borrowing behavior. The ability of citizens to make informed financial decisions is critical to developing sound personal finance, which can contribute [...]