EIT Digital demo

EIT Digital demo

Digital Infrastructure is the core enabler of the digital transformation by providing secure, robust, responsive and intelligent communications and computation facilities. At Netfutures, EIT Digital present several projects relating to the innovation area Digital Infrastructure, focusing on mobile broadband infrastructure, Internet of Things, network management tools for software defined networks (SDN) and cloud computing.

The ACTIVE project – Advanced Connectivity platform for Vertical segments – is creating a generic connectivity and middleware platform including security to support application developers accelerating their efforts by not having to redo the whole stack. The platform will be applied and verified in the transport and health sectors; aircraft to deliver mobile broadband services as well as support the management of transportation vehicles through sensor and capillary nets and similar for wearable and body sensors in the health area.

The TRUSTED CLOUD project provides European solutions for companies and consumers who care about their privacy, how their data is handled and how their behaviours are tracked. The business platform will have a multitude of elements providing trust: securing data and content from malicious entries and views, protecting from hackers and data leaks and giving customer full control on their data and content.

Meet Cumucore, a startup that has developed the first Mobile Packet Core that is fully integrated with SDN functionality.

The Softfire project, launched in February 2016, coordinated by EIT Digital, focuses on new technologies like SDN and NFV in order to create a reliable, secure, interoperable and programmable experimental network infrastructure within the FIRE+ initiative.

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