Intel demo

Intel demo: Research achievements in orchestration of Software Defined Infrastructures

Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI) is a vision for infrastructure – compute, networking, and storage – that is completely controlled through software to be highly optimized, fault tolerant, agile and adaptive.
Intel’s Cloud Services Lab involvement in FP7 and H2020 projects has been instrumental in forming Intel’s SDI strategy, leveraging instrumentation, SLAs, inter-operability standards, landscaping, workload characterisation for automated orchestration and more.
Our demos will introduce research that combines full stack monitoring of data center workloads, a context-enriched cloud infrastructure landscape, and analytics methodologies that facilitate the orchestration of resources onto cloud infrastructures.
The research achievements presented through our demos cover scientific and open-source contributions as well as Intel assets (e.g. SNAP –, ApexLake – etc.) that our group developed over the last years.