Security and Privacy in Cloud DO MATTER!!

Do you know what security mechanisms do exist to protect your data in the Cloud? Do you know how to keep control of sensitive data outsourced to the cloud? Do you understand the legal implications of not designing your cloud service with security in mind? Do you know how to deliver secure (public) services based on (multiple) cloud?
If you said NO to any of the questions, or if you have similar questions, you should come and visit the DPSP Cluster booth to get some help!

And what is the DPSP Cluster? The DPSP Cluster was launched by DG-CNECT in April 2015 and it groups together the EU-funded projects researching on Data Protection, Security and Privacy in the Cloud that have joint forces to seek synergies between the projects and create greater impact.

After the great success of the first DPSP Cluster Workshop in February 2016, the Cluster members will now show some main technical results of the projects. MUSA, CLARUS, PAASWORD, PRISMACLOUD, SLALOM, SLA-Ready, CLIPS, SPECS, CloudWATCH2, SWITCH, TREDISEC, WITDOM, and STRATEGIC projects (at least) will display presentations and videos describing their innovations. We will also have tool hands-on demos of SPECS, CLIPS, PRISMACLOUD and CLOUDWATCH2 (and more to come!).

The Cluster will also show joint results achieved in 2015, including the Whitepaper on Future Challenges towards Free flow of data in the Digital Single Market and the Map of Synergies of the clustered projects.