iMinds has been active in the wireless communications research area as well as in wireless experimentation and Future Internet (FIRE). In our booth, demos regarding the above research activities will be presented that are the result of EU projects like WiSHFUL, CREW and eWINE. More specifically the demos presented are focused to real time reconfiguration of wireless networks, cross technology communication and management of heterogeneous wireless technologies, intelligent solutions and techniques to fine tune wireless technologies in real time using various approaches of artificial intelligence, unified management and use of Future Internet experimentation platforms and finally as mitigation of problems arising from the coexistence of wireless technologies that share the same spectrum. The visitor will have a chance to witness interesting experiments running both locally in our mobile testbed as well as remotely running in one of the FIRE testbeds that we are maintaining. They will be able to select the demo they wish to see running and also to change specific control aspects of the experiment in order to see the resulting performance of the specific wireless technology(ies) under test in real time.