FLEX (FIRE LTE testbeds for Experimentation) project is currently active in the 7th Framework programme of the EC.

FLEX project enhances FIRE’s resource pool with remotely accessible and highly configurable LTE and beyond resources (4G/5G), that boost the experimentally driven research in the telecommunications field. FLEX project integrates these new resources to the existing FIRE testbed control and management frameworks, and develops controlled and uncontrolled mobility solutions for the testbeds involved. The testbed setup of FLEX is based on two different approaches: 1) One based on commercial LTE equipment, using commercial Evolved Packet Core network and eNodeBs, provided by partners of the project. 2) A second approach based on the open source OpenAirInterface platform.

During the NetFutures 2016 exhibition, we will showcase the achievements of the FLEX project during the first 2 years of execution and some selected experiments from the 1st Open Call projects. More specifically we will demonstrate a remotely accessible developed platform for evaluating inter-RAT (e.g. LTE to WiFi/WiMAX) handovers and applications, an experimental evaluation of LTE in the 5GHz unlicensed band collocated with the WiFi technology, a solution for intelligent wireless back-hauling by using Software Defined Networking approaches and a fully RF-interference controlled testing environment for LTE communications.

website: http://www.flex-project.eu/
twitter: https://twitter.com/FLEX_project