Inter-cloud Challenges, Expectations and Issues Cluster it is a meeting point for projects addressing the topic of multi-cloud and inter-cloud so to share experiences, collaborate on approaches and discuss challenges for adoption and future research.

The simultaneous or serial use of services from diverse heterogeneous clouds is a challenge in order to further develop the Cloud market in Europe. While it presents a series of issues with regards to interoperability among heterogeneous cloud typologies, private and public clouds, services’ comparability, portability, migration, networking,… It also offers innovative market opportunities in order to avoid vendor lock-in and for the development of new roles in the cloud market related to hybrid cloud models.Today a number of research projects are analysing this problem from diverse perspectives and focusing on specific parts of these and other identified challenges.

In this booth we aim to present objectives and current advances for projects participating in the cluster, as well as, selected demos that show current advances and progress beyond of the art of these projects.

In addition to this in the booth we will present work already performed in the Inter-Cloud cluster with regards to definition of future research areas and challenges for Cloud Computing and Software, reflecting vision brought from existing projects and collaborating institutions in Inter-Cloud related projects.