The METIS-II project has special focus on the part of future communication networks called the “radio access network”. The project provides the technical enablers (i.e. the solutions to build the radio network “5G”) needed for an efficient integration and use of the various 5G technologies and components.

The objective of this demo is to show a level of interactivity in the demonstration of some innovations developed in the project, to give a feeling of what will happen with a real implementation of a 5G system. The technologies shown are: Multi Air Interface integration for V2V communication allowing more reliable communication, techniques for interference management when parts of the network are nomadic nodes, a new state allowing for more rapid connection and energy savings and finally techniques for improving the initial access of devices. The Visualisation demo is based on UNITY 3D software, and allows a good and significant collaboration among partners and also with other 5G-PPP projects.

From a technical point of view, METIS-II will facilitate the standardization of the new 5G system and the roll-out that will follow the standardization phase. This will happen in the next few years, also considering some important milestones, e.g. the Olympic Games in Korea 2018 and in Japan 2020. METIS-II is run by a truly global consortium with most of the major international vendors, major operators, and key researchers.