To create a digital single market for IoT-enabled urban services, it will take a suite of high-impact initiatives and solutions. The city-driven Open & Agile Smart Cities initiative (OASC) unites 89 cities from 19 countries with a commitment to implement interoperability and share data to form the basis for such a market.

The OASC cities are taking steps towards the digital transformation, with a short cycle from experimentation to operations. The OrganiCity and Select4Cities projects are flagship initiatives, delivering the key tools and methods to support this dynamic.

OrganiCity is providing a distributed Experimentation-as-a-Service facility for systematic and truly participatory citizen experimentation in the complexity urban space.

Select4Cities pre-commercial procurement provides a structured testbed for cities to trial new IoT technologies and solutions

OASC aims to establish mechanisms of a global market for IoT-enabled urban services: from systematic experimentation, to pre-commercial procurement, and on to operational deployment – all underpinned by widely adopted open standards and platforms. This builds upon a mature legacy and opens up possibilities in Europe and beyond.