5G vision and roadmap to key standards

The Research and Technology for 5G networks intensified in 2015 with various research activities worldwide, including the launch of 20 EU projects coordinated by the 5G PPP. Governmental, industrial and academic research results are about to be reviewed and standardised through different bodies. The session will present the vision and roadmap for key standards development for 5G networks. The case of mmWaves bands use will be highlighted.

Detailed Workshop Outline

16:30 – 18:00 Presentations, Chair: Fatima Karim, Orange (presentation)

Session Speakers

Fatima Karim-Peters
Fatima Karim-PetersOrange-Senior Standardization Manager
Fatima is currently senior standardization manager of future radio access technologies within Orange. She is responsible for the elaboration of Orange group RAN standardization strategy and objectives in 3GPP (in particular 5G, LTE, UTRA, GERAN, IoT/MTC, Spectrum, etc) and the coordination of its RAN delegation. Before joining 3GPP by the end of 2007, Fatima successfully managed numerous R&D projects for Orange Labs and have contributed to European collaborative projects.
From 1997 and 2002 Fatima worked for numerous mobile operators (Orange Sverige, BLU Italy, SFR France and Maroc Telecom) where she had successfully delivered projects involving design, engineering, roll-out and optimization of operational GSM and UMTS networks.
These varied experiences gave her the ability and taste for creating, on one hand, efficient bridges between research and standardization and, on the other hand, for keeping standardization work in connection with the reality and constraints of deployment on the field.
Giovanni Romano
Giovanni RomanoTelecom Italia - Coordinator for radio standards
Giovanni Romano is currently coordinating Telecom Italia activities on technical standards related to radio access and spectrum. The role implies the identification of requirements to be transferred to standardisation fora such as 3GPP to define new technical solutions for the radio interfaces of GSM, UMTS, LTE, 5G/IMT2020 and their evolutions, and the evaluation of technical solutions under development.
In March 2015, Giovanni was re-elected Vice-Chairman of 3GPP Technical Specification Group RAN for the period 2015-2017, following a first term period (2013-2015).
Since 1996 Giovanni has been active in several international standardisation fora and he is currently attending 3GPP RAN and MGMN. Giovanni also coordinates Telecom Italia’s activities in ITU-R, GCF and groups dealing with radio aspects in 3GPP and ETSI.
Until 2005 Giovanni was project leader of several activities within the R&D center of Telecom Italia, including UMTS performance evaluation, quality of service verification, standardisation, field trials and testing.
Ignacio Berberana
Ignacio BerberanaTelefonica Investigacion y Desarrollo - Innovation Manager, Radio Access Networks
Ignacio Berberana (ignacio.berberana@telefonica.com) received the MS degree in Mining Engineering from Madrid Polytechnic University in 1987. In 1988 he joined Telefonica I+D, where he has worked mainly in wireless communications, including several European projects (CODIT, MONET, Artist4G, iJOIN, 5G NORMA). Currently, he is responsible of Innovation unit in the Radio Access Networks direction of Telefónica Global CTO office, dealing with long term evolution of mobile access, including 5G systems.
Joerg Swetina
Joerg SwetinaNEC Europe - Representative in international standards
Joerg Swetina studied Chemistry and Mathematics at the University of Vienna, Austria and later conducted research in Theoretical Chemistry.
Moving from academia to industry he led a development team dealing with GSM call processing and software testing at Siemens Austria. Since the early days of 3GPP he had been representing Siemens and later Nokia Siemens Networks in standardization bodies like ETSI SMG, 3GPP, OMA and others.
In 2008 he moved to NEC Europe in Heidelberg, Germany, continuing his work in standards.
For several years Joerg had been vice chair of 3GPP SA1 (service and system requirements) and is currently involved in creating requirements for 5G in 3GPP.
Additionally to 3GPP his current field of interest covers Machine-to-Machine communication. He is currently acting as vice chair of the requirements group of the ‘oneM2M Global Initiative’ organisation and is also active in semantic aspects for IoT within oneM2M.

Dr. Swetina is married and is living in Vienna and Heidelberg.

Colin Langtry
Colin LangtryInternational Telecommunication Union, Chief, BR Study Groups
Colin Langtry is the Chief of the Radiocommunication Study Groups Department (SGD) in the International Telecommunication Union. Mr. Langtry’s recent experience involved working as the Counsellor for ITU-R Study Groups 5 and 8 supporting their studies on amateur, fixed, mobile and radiodetermination services. This activity included his role as Counsellor in the development of the ITU’s International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT) systems standards for mobile broadband wireless access. Prior to that he was responsible for the Text Editing and Publications Division of the ITU Radiocommunication Bureau and, before joining the ITU, managing spectrum planning activities in the Australian spectrum management agency.
Maziar Nekovee
Maziar NekoveeSamsung Electronics R&D UK/Head of 5G Research
Dr. Maziar Nekovee is 5G Group Leader and Chief Engineer at Samsung Electronics R&D Institute UK (SRUK) where he leads Samsung’s European Research in 5G, including Samsung’s overall involvement in Horizon 2020 5G PPP. He is the coordinator of 5G PPP mmMAGIC project and is elected member of 5G Infrastructure Association, where he represents the device sector and contributes to vision, spectrum and standards working groups.

Prior to joining Samsung in 2013 he was from 2001 with BT (British Telecom) where he pioneered and led research in cognitive radio and dynamic spectrum sharing technologies, and provided technical advice to business units on mobile and spectrum strategy. Maziar has a PhD in physics and a first degree and MSc in Electrical Engineering (cum laude) both obtained in the Netherlands.