IT is advancing at a very high speed and is now able to offer very advanced technologies to support complex applications ranging from data science, data intensive applications, industrial automation, … The mission of software engineering is to offer the right tools and methods to guide users in all activities connected to the lifecycle of applications and services, through the usage of technologies and new paradigms, still ensuring productivity of processes and quality of software (performance, availability, evolvability, reliability, …).

The SE4SA cluster groups european projects focusing on various aspects of software engineering. Its participation at NetFuture 2016 is to: i) disseminate the results of its projects and their impact and ii) help in identifying the challenges to be tackled in the future European Research Agenda. More specifically, we will present and show the results achieved by the projects ALIGNED, ARCADIA, ARTIST, CloudTeams, DICE, ENTICE, ENVISAGE, HYVAR, MODAClouds, SeaClouds, SUPERSEDE, SWITCH, S-CASE. Moreover, it will present the initial results of its analysis on open research questions and challenges in software engineering and will run a survey aiming at soliciting and structuring inputs from the audience of NetFuture.