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Vaporizers:When Tech Helps Improve Health

We are probably not the first to tell you how popular vaping is. Thousands and thousands of cannabis lovers around the globe have already started using a vaporizer, and the market offers a multitude of possibilities. These products are trendy tech devices that are packing a lot of technology!

If you try to look for one on the internet, you will find hundreds of options to choose from.

With such a choice, it can be impossible to pick one. Fortunately, we know a few ways to narrow down the list of options and find your ideal choice. The secret? Just focus on precisely what you want. With all the options available to you, you’re sure to find something that matches what you’re looking for.

4 steps to choosing the right vaporizer

If you’re new to the world of vaporizers, you may not yet know what you want. After all, if you don’t know what’s on the market, how will you decide on one? There is no one vaporizer for everyone, so it’s a good thing there is so much variety. If you want to read more about the benefits of vaporization, please use this link.

To find the vaporizer that’s right for you, you can use the four steps below as a guide.

Heating method

Most people don’t know that the heating method makes all the difference in vaping. Although all of the methods below are valid for vaping, there are essential differences between them.


Driving will be most familiar to those who are in the transition between smoking and vaping. The reason for this is that there is a heating device in contact with the herb or concentrate. As a result, the heating is more direct, but the temperatures are also higher, and possibly slight combustion of the plant matter occurs. However, this is not a problem for many people, especially since these vaporizers tend to be cheaper.


In contrast, convection does not involve contact between the heating device and the herb or concentrate. Instead, vapor is created from the hot air flowing through and around whatever you’re smoking. As a result, the vapor is much smoother on the lungs, although the flavors are lighter. Convection vaporizers are more expensive than conduction models, but you get a smoother, cleaner experience in return.


If you think both heating methods have their benefits, you don’t have to decide between one or the other. You see, some vaporizers use both convection and conduction to give you a smooth but powerful vape experience. Conduction gets the thing started, and convection propels it from there. It means that the effect is fast relative to pure convection, but there is no risk of possible combustion that comes with pure conduction.

Type of vaporizer

Most people are only familiar with pocket vaporizers. However, just like computers, there are options in both portable and desktop formats.

Desktop vaporizers

dry herbs can be vaporized easilyYou may not see desktop vaporizers as often as the pocket models, but you don’t forget them when you do.

Pen vaporizers

No matter how cool the desktop vaporizer is, portability matters too. Sure, pipes and bubblers are “Portable,” but the glass can break along the way, and if you’re smoking a pipe or bubbler on the street, you’ll attract attention.

On the other hand, pen vaporizers are safe in your pocket and are more durable than joints or glass. You won’t get weird looks if you vape on the street either, since they are like e-cigarettes. The basic models are cheap, much cheaper than the desktop ones, but the price goes up as the quality goes up.

Portable vaporizers

Finally, bridging the gap between the two worlds, you have the option of a portable vaporizer.

Yes, technically, pen vaporizers are also portable, but we’re talking about more durable models made to provide superior results. Instead of being pen-shaped, they have a bulkier, box-like shape. That they are shaped that way is no coincidence, as bulkier vaporizers are usually much more potent than pen-shaped ones. The most famous portable vaporizer model on the market is the Mighty vaporizer.

Finding your ideal vaporizer

All this aside, the only thing left for you to do is buy the vaporizer and try it out for yourself. Since we don’t know you, we can’t tell you which one is right for you. However, you know yourself, and now you know precisely how to choose a vaporizer. Trust yourself, listen to anyone who has tried the product, and you can make the right decision with peace of mind.

iPhone SE 2: imminent launch coming?

The tech press was getting excited about the coming release of the iPhone SE 2020 (sometimes rumored to be called iPhone 9), after the leak of its official name in the visual of a Belkin shell sold on its official store. In the end, the iPhone SE 2020 won’t have bothered to show its face, but that’s only the beginning. The 2nd generation iPhone SE should arrive very soon on Apple’s (virtual, confined) shelves, even in the next two weeks, and most likely around mid-April.

“While launching an affordable/entry-level mid-cycle smartphone in the context of an almost global consumer containment and unprecedented pandemic (…) Apple probably sees this as a low-volume launch,” says MarketWatch. However, given the potential of this smartphone, which, it should be remembered, is expected to be sold at a low price of around $400, it is doubtful that the firm is embarking on a low-volume launch. The iPhone XR, in particular, had broken all records in terms of sales, and this iPhone SE 2 would be sold much cheaper, allowing many people who want to acquire an iPhone to find a new one at a lower price, while taking advantage of Apple’s latest technologies.

What’s planned for the iPhone SE?

What’s new in the iPhone SE 2020? Of course, in the absence of an official launch, everything we will say here is primarily based on the many rumors about it, although, with an imminent release looming, we can be pretty sure of certain things. For instance, the next-generation iPhone SE is expected to take over the chassis of the iPhone 8 (and the iPhone 6/6S/7), with this 4.7-inch LCD panel surrounded by wide borders on the front, including a Home button with Touch ID, as well as a glass surface on the back for wireless charging. On the back is a simple photosensor, but it could be the same 12 MP wide-angle primary sensor that equips the latest iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max. Same inside, since this new iPhone SE could opt for an A13 Bionic chip, the same one that provides the latest flagship of the Apple. Since this mobile chip is currently unmatched in terms of raw power in this sector, its presence on the iPhone SE 2020 would make it the most powerful smartphone in the world, for the least cost.

Of course, the price is still unknown, in the absence of an official launch. There are rumors that this model could be sold for around $399 across the Atlantic (excluding taxes), and therefore probably between 400 and 500 euros in our region. Besides, it could be available in three colors, black, white, and red (PRODUCT RED). The range would range around a 64 GB model, one of 128 GB, and a last one of 256 GB.

The Trump administration doesn’t want foreign equipment? Neither does China.

The United States may no longer be the only one to express its mistrust of foreign technologies and software openly. In an official directive to be published, the Chinese government would gradually purge its administration of non-Chinese computers and software. The operation could start as early as next year.

A major upheaval is in sight within the Chinese administration and its IT equipment. A formal directive drafted last spring and left pending, for the time being, sets out a plan to remove foreign computers and software. This measure, which would primarily serve as a response to the US sanctions against Huawei and ZTE, banned from US soil and the Trump administration, could be implemented as early as next year.

In three years, all foreign hardware and software could be eradicated, following the following replacement rates: 30% in 2020, 50% in 2021, and 20% in 2022.

Who (and what) will replace American services?

To replace foreign equipment, China could use national brands, such as the giant Lenovo, which is very well positioned in the computer sector dedicated to the world of offices, companies, or administrations. Huawei, which is developing desktop computers with ARM architecture, could also be a potential avenue for the Chinese government to explore.

Software replacement, on the other hand, is much more problematic. Lenovo (to name but a few) depends on Windows and Linux for most of its computers. China should, therefore, find a way to develop its operating system as soon as possible to equip its administration. According to several media reports, the development of a Chinese OS has been under consideration for several months and more or less coincided with the creation of the “3-5-2” directive – nicknamed after the replacement rates mentioned above. The first and foremost idea would be to equip the army (which currently uses Windows) with it to eliminate any risk of American espionage.

Microsoft, Dell, and HP on the front line

If this directive were to be applied, American brands would be the first to be impacted by being excluded from a very lucrative market, explains internation medias. No longer being able to provide hardware or software equipment to the Chinese authorities means a loss of 150 billion in revenue for Dell, HP, or Microsoft, the leading players involved. This prospect is all the more frustrating as American groups have often had to make significant investments to establish themselves in the unique market of China, especially when it comes to equipping local administrations.

For example, in 2017, Microsoft had developed a particular version of Windows 10 called “Windows 10 China Government Edition”. In particular, the latter ignored some of the OS’s features, such as synchronization on OneDrive, Microsoft’s Cloud, while leaving the Chinese authorities to use their encryption algorithms on the system. Developments that, three years later, could be wiped off the map.

VPN technology explained. How to protect yourself on the web

A VPN is a secure tunnel within a network such as the Internet for example.

Understanding the concept of tunnel

To represent what a computer tunnel is, think of a network as large pipes that run in all directions, to every computers. Water flows through these pipes.
Now, let’s imagine that I slide a rubber hose inside these pipes to go from one computer to another. You understand that the water that passes through the inside of this rubber hose:

  • does not mix with the rest of the water in the pipes
  • is not accessible to other pipes that are not connected to this hose.

Here’s how it could be represented: the water from the network cannot enter the pipe (VPN) and therefore cannot mix with the water in the tunnel. More on this website!

How does a VPN work? How to create this VPN tunnel?

First of all, to create this tunnel, you’re going to need a dedicated software. This software will manage the encryption and decryption of the data. This is link to cryptography. In this software, there will be two parts: a client software and a server software. This server software can be found in different ways: (the client software is always in adequacy with the server software).

vpn tech explained

  1. It can be integrated into the company’s firewall. It is a widespread solution in companies.
  2. It is also possible to install a server dedicated to the VPN. (There are vpn payant comparatif or free solutions available on the market. One of the most famous free VPN software is probably OpenVPN).

There may be unique connections on your computers that will transform your computers into VPN servers. (this is not new because it was already integrated into Windows XP).
It is also possible to install VPN boxes or routers. (these boxes will be dedicated or have several roles).
And finally, to surf the Internet (i.e., connect to the Internet in encrypted form), you can (must) use VPN servers such as ExpressVPN.

How to connect to the VPN?

The client will then connect to the VPN in several possible ways:

  • With the software installed on the client computer,
  • By a secure browsing browser (https) or using a plugin integrated into the browser. (a plugin is a tool that runs in the browser)
  • By another box (a bit like the VPN server box).
  • In general, the client software will ask the user for a login and password to confirm his identity.

But there may also be other possible authentication modes such as tokens*, smart cards, single password tokens.
And we can sometimes ask for both: login + token, we talk about double authentication.

– A token: translated as “token,” will guarantee that the customer is who he claims to be and that he is not a pirate. Because this token is unique, and the server recognises the one who owns it.

– Tokens with a unique password, whether physical boxes or smartphones (software installed on a smartphone or computer), are tools that give a code that changes regularly. Without the correspondence between this code and the server: it is not possible to connect.

More in this video

Project Catalyst: porting iPad applications to macOS

The Catalyst project, which leaks and indiscretions had named Marzipan, aims to allow less effort to port an iPad application to macOS (and not the other way around) or to develop an app only once for the two platforms that are macOS and iPadOS.

Historically, the programs of the iPad are based on a base called AppKit, while those of the macOS second ones use the UIKit framework.

Not for all applications

It is necessary to be aware that not all iPad applications – even the good ones in the Apple sense – are called to be ported to macOS. Either because their design is too closely linked to iOS/iPad OS, or because their developer does not see the point.

Other developers, on the other hand, showed more enthusiasm. It is a perfect solution to avoid specific security problems, to offer a fast and focused experience, much more than on the Web.

In the end, beyond the question of ease and technical feasibility, the issue of the relevance of carrying a whole set of applications will arise. A question that proves that the two types of devices are not equal, at least in the perception of the public and developers. It is probably also what Apple will have to fix if it wants to make Catalyst a success.

In three simple steps

The first step is to check a box in Xcode.

The second is both obvious and much more complicated to implement. You need to have “a good iPad application.” Note, iPad, and not iOS or iPhone. It in itself is a reasonable justification for the introduction of the iPadOS name. If the iPhone and iPad both have touch screens, it would be a mistake to put them in the same basket. iPadOS is the new missing link between iOS and macOS.

A “good iPad application” complies with Apple’s technical recommendations and displays the cleanest code possible. It also means that the developer has made sure that his program can adapt to different screen sizes – 7.9, to 12.9 inches. In short, assuming that the developer has done everything at best over the months and updates, step two is a win-win.

Then comes the third step, and that’s where things get potentially complicated. This last step concerns the “finishing touches.” In other words, make sure the iPad interface is ideally suited for Macs.

Other projects, an ambitious goal?

It will be necessary to wait until autumn and the release of macOS Catalina to get an idea. Will the arrival of iPad applications on our Macs produce a wavelet or tidal wave? Apple weighs all its weight to make sure that everything goes well, even if it is evident that this tool is there to serve a transition phase.

The introduction of SwiftUI, a framework that allows developing an application in a very intuitive and straightforward way by automatically generating large parts of the code, is also an effort in this direction. SwiftUI also offers choices of interface and information formatting, which will thus become de facto standards. However, adapting a similar standard to two platforms is the best.

The stakes behind Catalyst are high. Beyond the enhancement of the software offered on Mac, it is difficult not to consider the arrival of Mac under ARM in the more or less long term. Apple is preparing the ground gently, at its own pace, step by step, once again.

How is Japan preparing for cyber threats targeting the 2020 Summer Olympics?

While large companies, political representatives and individuals remain the main targets of hackers, international sporting events stay in their line of sights. It is evident by the cyber-attacks observed during the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games in South Korea when Olympic Destroyer malware infiltrated computer systems shortly before the opening ceremony, not to mention the piracy attempt during the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

That is why the Japanese authorities are currently on the alert about a year before the Games of the XXXIIᵉ Modern Olympiad, held in Tokyo from Friday 24 July to Sunday 9 August 2020. Author of a post published in the columns of The Cipher Brief, analyst Nathan Ryan warns of the risks of attacks that could affect the Land of the Rising Sun during this particular period.

Testing vulnerabilities to better protect the nation

Mr. Ryan believes that the weapons of foreign services are sophisticated enough to defeat the defence systems of a country such as Japan. The latter also drew up a highly controversial defence plan at the end of January 2019, which consists of hacking 200 million connected devices belonging to its citizens. An experimental project that would aim here to test the nation’s computer vulnerability, as many fears that hackers would abuse IoT devices come from the government.

In the meantime, the island country will have the opportunity to test its cyber-defences during the Rugby World Cup  2019. This ninth edition will be a life-size test that should not be taken lightly before the next major sporting event.

Too much technological dependence?

Japan will indeed focus on advanced technologies, both for security and media coverage. Objective: to spread its technological know-how throughout the world. “Japan intends to make the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games the most innovative and technologically advanced sporting event of all time,” Japan Today said in an article published last year.

But this dependence on technology has a logical weakness: cybersecurity. Too vulnerable infrastructures would lead to an IT disaster in the event of successful attacks. Heavy financial losses, disruption of events, massive theft of personal data (spectators and top athletes), the image of the degraded country: all these are dramatic consequences to be considered.

For Nathan Ryan, pirate groups would focus on specific targets, such as transport and broadcasting networks, or electrical and broadcasting systems. Most importantly, the most likely perpetrators of this type of operation, in addition to hacktivists and cyberterrorists, would be foreign intelligence services, according to the analyst.

In 2018, attention turned to Russia following the deployment of the Olympic Destroyer, due to the ban on participation issued against Russian sportsmen and women due to doping. Japan, on the other hand, has maintained stormy relations with China for several decades, following geopolitical conflicts over the allocation of islands in the Pacific.

What’s wrong with Google Stadia

In a few months, Google gave a lot of details about the launch of Google Stadia. We now know what games will be available or the prices offered by Google, and we can quickly test our Internet connection to see if it is compatible with the service. However, Google’s ads may have disappointed some, and we have gathered here the main complaints about the service.

You have to repurchase everything.

Google Stadia is not the Netflix of video games. To enjoy the games, you will have to go to the checkout as you do on the PlayStation Store or Steam. Google Stadia offers a platform to run the game, either in 1080p for free or in 4K for a Stadia Pro subscription at 9.99 euros per month.

It means that games already released on other platforms, such as The Division 2 or Final Fantasy XV, will have to be paid again if you are interested in playing them on Stadia. If Google had offered a subscription with a catalog of several games, as Sony provides with PS Now, this question would not have arisen. It is a real weakness for Google, as Microsoft and Sony will highlight their ability to offer backward compatibility, and thus make a smooth transition to the next generation.

The catalog announced as it stands by Google is also quite small compared to the tens or even hundreds of titles offered by competing shops.

The game that can be shared and instantaneous: a missed promise

During Stadia’s initial presentation, Google had put a lot of emphasis on its integration into YouTube and social networks in general. The commitment was strong: share a link to a game, and in one click, your friend could join a game without downloading or installing since everything runs on Google’s servers.

The promise of instant play seems to have disappeared

With the business model chosen by Google, this promise takes a lot of weight in the wing. Indeed, it is impossible to share a clickable link in an instant with a friend if he has not himself bought the game beforehand. Google’s promise implied a “Netflix” subscription. Instead of the “click to play” button designed by Google on YouTube, we should have a “pay 70 to play this game” button, which makes it much less attractive.

No lending, no second-hand games opportunity

With Google Stadia, it is not possible to lend yourself games, or even buy second-hand ones, since everything is done from the Google store, with the prices set by Google. At the time, Sony released a video to explain to players how easy it was to share your favorite games on PlayStation 4.

It is necessarily a point to consider when buying a game, but it should be kept in mind that this is also what Sony, Microsoft, Steam or Epic offers with their dematerialized game shops.

Best Cryptocurrency Apps

Our smartphones and the applications in it have become an integral part of our lives. We have reached a point where we could not live without our smartphones. Even though there is a lot of junk in it, we cannot deny the fact that there are some useful things in it too.

In the current situation, the growth of technology is at a very high phase. Hence it is necessary for us to keep up with it. Just a few more years and everything will be different. If you are going to adapt yourself for future technology, then one of the things that you should know is about cryptocurrency and everything that surrounds it. In this article, we will see the best cryptocurrency apps.



Coinbase is an app where you can trade almost all kinds of cryptocurrency. They claim to be number one, but we are not sure they are or not. But we are sure that it is a reliable app that is available for both iOS and Android platforms. It also has a wallet which will come in handy when everyone starts accepting cryptocurrency. Some of its users say that the fee that they charge for every transaction is very high. But it has never stopped them from being one among the best.

Enjin Wallet

If you are a person who is into crypto, there are good possibilities that you might have heard of Enjin Coin. Enjin Wallet was developed by the same company that developed Enjin Coin. It has top-notch security futures that make it one of the best. The wallet settings can be restored with very simple procedures if you have lost your phone. As of now, the app is only available for Android, and they are in the process of making an app for iOS.

Investing .com has been there in the business for more than a decade. Even though the app does not offer any wallet services, there is a massive amount of data that can be used for tracking purposes for 1300 altcoins. Some of the important features of the application are real-time price tracking and a portfolio that gives you the option to track your entire earnings.

BTC is an application from one of the major players in the industry. It has a very simple design with amazing security features. The transfer process is also very simple. If you are more into bitcoins, BTC is the perfect app for you. There are features like using QR code which makes the app exceptional in many ways.


Bit worth is one of the amazing applications that is known for its user interface. It just takes a few minutes to set up the app. All you need to do is just enter the amount of cryptocurrency that you have, and the app will provide you with all the information that you need. Even though the app lacks some features, it full fills the basic necessities. As of now, the app is only available for iOS.

Electric Car – The Better Vehicular Transportation Method

In the world where today constant disputes can be seen happening over oil and petroleum, there is a better alternative solution for our transportation that does not require these harmful non-renewable resources. The concept of Electric cars along with the idea of using renewable energy to charge them is one such concept which only a hand full of people in the world have understood and agree too. It is a common sight that due to the overuse of vehicles in today’s world, humankind has deeply affected the environment to a state where it’s going to take years and years to make up for the damages.

The automobile industry is one such sector of development which has understood the problems of using of non-renewable resources and most of them even have wholly stopped the productions of cars which use this type of fuel to function. The electric car is the car of the future and no matter if people don’t believe it or like it, this is the only sensible solution to the current state of problem which the world is facing. While many people seem to agree with it, there are still some people who say no to it due to a ton of reasons. To help change their mind the following are the benefits of why the electric car is the best alternative vehicular transportation method.

  1. Environmental Friendly

Without a doubt, this point had to top the list of benefits as by using electric cars we can contribute to saving earth on a big scale. The carbon dioxide along with other harmful gases which get released into the air using non-renewable resources like petrol is not just hindering the health of the environment but is also affecting the health of humankind. As electric cars produce no harmful fumes and run solely on electricity; thus they are simply the best solution one can opt for if they wish to be breathing fresh air in the near future.

  1. Lower Maintenance cost

It is a common known fact that the cars which use petrol and diesel to function do break down often and need regular maintenance which generally ends up making a massive dent in any persons bank account. But this is not the case with electric cars, as with proper use they do not require checkups regularly and even at the time of the checkup, they cost much much lesser as the replacements parts of it are cheap, and also the process of getting its checkup is comparatively easier and less expensive. This is hugely beneficial in the long run as a person does not have to spend their hard earned money continually repairing their primary mode of transportation.

  1. Noise and cost friendly

cost friendly

The cars in today’s world which run on petrol make the most noise as the combustion of fuel which takes to move the car forward happens much more rigorously and faster compared to diesel and electric; thus making it extremely loud. When we compare electric to diesel-run cars, without a doubt electric cars run much more quietly as they do not have fuel within them that needs to be ignited for it to function. Electric cars act as better assets when compared to other cars as along with the low cost of purchasing them, they have also proven to show that they run twice as much longer when compared to other forms of cars.

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