DJI’s next high-end drone hints at its features, and it’s promising. Many rumours and leaks have recently surfaced on the web and we are about to know more on DJI’s flagship product!

Mavic Mini 2, Air 2S, FPV… Three drone models released in the last year, and yet DJI still hasn’t decided to offer a successor to its flagship product, the Mavic Pro. However, this one is getting ready to welcome a successor, the DJI Mavic 3 Pro. The device has just delivered a good part of its secrets thanks to a few leaks from reputable sources.

A release postponed because of the pandemic

But where is the Mavic 3 Pro? Expected by some for the second half of 2021, it seems that the next high-end drone from DJI will only take off at the beginning of next year. Here’s a quick update on the various rumours surrounding the upcoming DJI Mavic 3 Pro.

According to information gleaned by DroneDJ, this new drone could be launched very soon, probably early next year. It would be declined in two models; a Standard version and a Cine version, which should be sold for $1,599 and $2,500 respectively. The first sketches have been published on Twitter.

This new camera drone could have two cameras, not just one. We can expect several focal lengths, one of 24 mm (f/2.8-11) and the other of 160 mm (f/4.4), which will bring variety to the shots captured by the drone. These two sensors would be able to shoot videos in 5.2K. The device would then be able to transfer these videos in HD up to 15 km away.

Several new features should be part of the game.

Among them, we note the Hyperlapse, the ActiveTrack, the QuickShot, the Panorama mode and the Advanced Pilot Assistance, but also a system to avoid obstacles. The Smart Controller has also been revised and will have both WiFi and 4G connectivity. This one would have a 1920 x 1080 pixels screen rather bright. Finally, there is talk about the weight of the device – 920 grams – and the autonomy, 46 minutes in flight. This would be a great performance compared to its predecessor, which lasted less than half an hour in flight.

Towards a launch in the first half of 2022

According to a source close to DJI, mentioned by the American media, the future drone should be finalized next October (both in terms of design and technical specifications). The preparation of the production lines would take about 2 months, to which should be added 2 more months for the production of the aircraft.

Not to mention that Chinese factories close for a whole week on the occasion of the Chinese New Year (which will fall on February 1, 2022). Add to that the shortage of components that currently affects many tech players, and the arrival of the DJI Mavic 3 Pro could happen (at the latest) around March 2022.

Moreover, we are curious to know what name this new drone will bear. For some time now, DJI has tended to remove the words “Mavic” and “Osmo” from the names of its drones and stabilizers. So it’s not impossible that it will be named “DJI Pro 3”, quite simply.