The video game developer recently shared its interest in NFTs and blockchain to integrate it into its games.

The video game giant, known for developing the Battlefield, The Sims and FIFA series of games, believes that the future of the industry lies in NFTs. It was during the conference highlighting the results of Electronic Arts (EA) that the CEO of the company, Andrew Wilson, talked about his interest in non-fungible tokens (NFT).

Electronic Arts CEO wants to integrate NFTs into its games

For now, the California-based company in Redwood City has not yet started on the NFT and blockchain market. While Steam has announced that it does not want to offer games with this technology, this is not the case with Epic Store, which has not closed the door to its entry into the market. Epic CEO Tim Sweeney explained on Twitter, “While Epic does not use cryptocurrency in its games, we welcome innovation in technology and finance.”

As for EA, Andrew Wilson believes that “gamers want access to more features, features that go beyond just 11-on-11 soccer.” The executive is referring to FIFA, a soccer simulation video game. He adds that “his community wants more digital content and all the players want us to look at this very quickly.”

After artworks and internet memes, NFTs are coming to video games
For now, even though EA’s CEO seems confident, he says “it’s still too early to tell, but I think we’re in a very good position and we’re supposed to think more innovatively and creatively about this in the future.” So EA has not announced anything concrete about possible NFT games in development.

After the free-to-play (free games and pay-to-win (free games where it is beneficial to pay for content and thus win more easily), EA opens the door to play-to-earn. The goal will be to make the player active in order to earn money through the blockchain. In August, Dom Hofmann, co-founder of Vine, announced that he was interested in designing an NFT game console.

Progressively, non-fungible tokens are at the center of new platforms or new strategies launched by large groups. Thus, outside the world of video games, Coinbase has launched its NFT marketplace, as well as Sotheby’s or Alibaba, which allows artists to sell the copyright of their works. Interest in NFTs has also increased since Ethereum has taken an interest in these tokens and started using them more regularly.