A recent issue with the Spotify iPhone application is causing overheating and battery drains on iOS 14 and iOS 15. A fix is in the works according to some officials from both Apple and Spotify.

Complaints are piling up on the Spotify forums. Several users are complaining of abnormal battery drain when using the streaming service on iOS, accompanied by overheating of the device.

“My phone always drains between 30 and 40 percent battery per hour when using Spotify,” says one user who says he deleted the app from his iPhone 11, frightened by the abnormal overheating of the phone. “I have this problem too,” said another user with an iPhone 12 mini. Testimonies of this kind have been piling up for a few days and all seem to point to abnormal behavior of the latest Spotify update on iOS 14 (14.7 or 14.8) and iOS 15. It seems that the battery drain even happens in the background.

Spotify was quick to respond and says it not only knows about the issue, but is actively working on a fix. Nevertheless, no deployment date is communicated at the moment.

New updates expected for the Spotify App

If your application is not up to date on your iPhone, we advise you not to update to the latest version 8.6.62 dated September 16. On the other hand, if you’re suffering from this problem, keep an eye out for future updates and download the next one as soon as it becomes available.

Spotify also recommends uninstalling and reinstalling the app cleanly and disabling the app’s background refresh. To do this, go to your iPhone’s settings, to the General tab, and then to the Background Update section. Here, disable Spotify. It’s a band-aid on a wooden leg, but it may allow you to enjoy your music while waiting for the patch to be deployed to fix this problem.