In a few months, Google gave a lot of details about the launch of Google Stadia. We now know what games will be available or the prices offered by Google, and we can quickly test our Internet connection to see if it is compatible with the service. However, Google’s ads may have disappointed some, and we have gathered here the main complaints about the service.

You have to repurchase everything.

Google Stadia is not the Netflix of video games. To enjoy the games, you will have to go to the checkout as you do on the PlayStation Store or Steam. Google Stadia offers a platform to run the game, either in 1080p for free or in 4K for a Stadia Pro subscription at 9.99 euros per month.

It means that games already released on other platforms, such as The Division 2 or Final Fantasy XV, will have to be paid again if you are interested in playing them on Stadia. If Google had offered a subscription with a catalog of several games, as Sony provides with PS Now, this question would not have arisen. It is a real weakness for Google, as Microsoft and Sony will highlight their ability to offer backward compatibility, and thus make a smooth transition to the next generation.

The catalog announced as it stands by Google is also quite small compared to the tens or even hundreds of titles offered by competing shops.

The game that can be shared and instantaneous: a missed promise

During Stadia’s initial presentation, Google had put a lot of emphasis on its integration into YouTube and social networks in general. The commitment was strong: share a link to a game, and in one click, your friend could join a game without downloading or installing since everything runs on Google’s servers.

The promise of instant play seems to have disappeared

With the business model chosen by Google, this promise takes a lot of weight in the wing. Indeed, it is impossible to share a clickable link in an instant with a friend if he has not himself bought the game beforehand. Google’s promise implied a “Netflix” subscription. Instead of the “click to play” button designed by Google on YouTube, we should have a “pay 70 to play this game” button, which makes it much less attractive.

No lending, no second-hand games opportunity

With Google Stadia, it is not possible to lend yourself games, or even buy second-hand ones, since everything is done from the Google store, with the prices set by Google. At the time, Sony released a video to explain to players how easy it was to share your favorite games on PlayStation 4.

It is necessarily a point to consider when buying a game, but it should be kept in mind that this is also what Sony, Microsoft, Steam or Epic offers with their dematerialized game shops.